Come Join us as Volunteers

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”-Chinese Proverb
Nam Hong Welfare Service Society is a Charity which embraces the Many Helping Hands approach as the keystone in the delivery of services to the elderly & the disadvantaged. We wish to work close with the community by welcoming volunteers to help in our programmes, activities and daily operation.
How you can help:
A.Regular Volunteers
(1) For individuals with valid TCM Physician’s certification, to help us Volunteer Physician, serving weekly on 1 or 2 particular days.
(2) Individuals who are interested in and have some knowledge on Chinese herbal medicine or counter service, to support us as Volunteer Pharmacy Assistant.
(3) Individuals who have a heart for the elderly, come join us in our regular home visit to offer support and comfort for disadvantaged elderly persons.
We are also in need of professionals who have knowledge & skills in TCM practice, Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, food & nutrition, publicity etc, to help offer advice and inputs for our various activities & programs.
In particular, we need volunteers with expertise in Fund-raising, publicity or event organization, to help us organize fund-raising activities.
3.Ad hoc Volunteers
For ad hoc or one-time opportunities, we also look for volunteers who can support us as helpers for our Public Health Talks, Flag Day, Charity Dinner & other activities.
All volunteers must be 15 years old and above.
If you are interested in being a volunteer with us, kindly download the attached Sign up as Volunteer Form and email to us at namhongcares@gmail.com or fax to us at 67560637. If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us at 62579192. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
We believe that you will enjoy the great experience of joining us in helping the disadvantaged.

Below is one of our volunteer, Ms Ling Ai:
Ms Ling Ai
Since young, I have the passion in helping others especially the needy.  Probably it is in my mum’s genes.  My mother is actively involved in community work in Batu Pahat, Johore, Malaysia though she is over 70 years old.  She will visit the needy & assisting a Buddhist temple in cooking vegetarian foods on festive occasions for the public and needy as well.
As for me, I was invited in 2005 by Mr. Cheng to conduct a Mandarin health talk for Nam Hong Free Medical Centre’s patients.  I readily agreed as it is my honour to be able to contribute my part to the needy.  Since then, I am involved in organizing their quarterly Health Talks to their patients and the public.  Guess it is this affinity that brought me to Nam Hong Free Medical Centre.

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