About us

Name of Charity : Nam Hong Welfare Service Society.

Short Name : NHWSS.

Formally named as : Nam Hong Siang Theon Free Medical Centre

Unique Registration Number (UEN): T07SS0086D

Registered Address:  475, Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 768678.

Operation Address : Blk 111, #01-375, Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 760111.

Registration date : 12-05-2007.

NHWSS has been accorded IPC ( Institution of a Public Character ) from MOH.

Nam Hong Welfare Service Society is a truly community-based charity registered with MOH, providing Free TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment for the disadvantaged and the elderly, offering free funeral service, ration & community support for the elderly poor, and distributing bursary to students from disadvantaged families. We also provide visiting treatment for elderly persons at old folk’s homes, and conduct public education health talks at community centres.
Medical costs in Singapore have been rising, and many do not have the means to fully take care of their needs when they fall ill.  We fill this service gap through the provision of free medical treatment at our clinics in Yishun and Woodlands. Our organization is staffed by experienced full-time physicians and is equipped with a computerized patient management system.

Our Humble Beginnings…..

Nam Hong Siang Theon was founded in 1962, at Chong Pang Village, when it was just a small office next to a temple. However, it had provided assistance to many needy families and individuals since then. As the area was earmarked for development by the government, it was relocated in 1984 to its current address at 475, Yishun Ring Road.
nan hong siang theon
As the cost of living had increased significantly over time, many people were and still are finding it difficult in obtaining affordable medical care when they fall ill. With the teachings of Reverend Song Dafeng in mind, Nam Hong Siang Theon was determined to set up a well-equipped clinic to provide free medical services to those in need, regardless of race, language or religion.
With the support and advice of our Member of Parliament, Mr. K Shanmugam, we finally secured a space at the void deck of Block 111, Yishun Ring Road to house the clinic. This community project by Nam Hong Siang Theon was completed in no time through the selfless effort of the committee members and the valuable assistance and facilitation of the MP.

Of course to ensure that quality medical care can be provided, the committee invited Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution to be the medical consultant through the strong recommendation of Mr. Ang Liang. Nam Hong Siang Theon Free Medical Centre was finally launched on 16th May 2001, equipped with well trained Chinese Physicians and modern equipments and facilities.
In order for us to contribute even more towards society, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society was registered with the Registrar of Societies on 17th May 2007. Being the charity arm of Nam Hong Siang Theon, it will take over the activities of Nam Hong Siang Theon Free Medical Centre and all future charitable activities. Upon advice from our MP, we have decided to register with the Commissioner of Charities.

With the success of the first main clinic in Yishun, encouraged by MP Ms Ellen Lee, a Satellite Clinic was set up in Woodlands in 2011
 图片3 Opening of Woodlands Satellite Clinic in 2011 by MP Ms Ellen Lee
With the growing popularity of TCM, the proven efficacy of its benefits, and the rapidly graying population, our patient number has been growing steadily. We treated around 40,000 patients annually in the past 3 years, which is testimony that such services are well received by the public. Most of our patients are economically challenged, staying in 3-room or smaller flats, with family per-capital income below $2000.
Besides providing TCM medical services, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society also distribute rations to the elderly disadvantaged in the community, and offer bursary to needy students of all races. Health Talks are also conducted periodically at community venues to enhance awareness on health and fitness.

Our Misson

Our Mission is to provide free and quality Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) treatments for socio-economically challenged families and individuals irregardless of language, race or religion.

Our Vision  is to be a Caring and Well-Respected Charitable Organization looking unconditionally into the well being of the less fortunate.

Our Motto  is – Serve Others with Compassion, Treat One Another with Respect and Perform Our Duties with Integrity.