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Nam Hong Welfare Service Society is totally dependent on public donation, and does not obtain any funding from the government nor the National Council of Social Service. We welcome donations in order to sustain our charitable missions. We have IPC (Institute of Public Character) status, and are able to provide tax-exempt receipts.  [tax exemption is 2.5 times the amount of donation].
At Nam Hong, every dollar is maximally utilized towards bringing the greatest impact to our beneficiaries. In 2014, despite our enhanced service track record, we have at the same time achieved a 13% reduction in annual budget. This is testimony of our resolve to accomplish “Best with Less”!
As a smaller charity, we are disadvantaged in terms of fund-raising, amidst the somewhat” crowded” charity landscape in Singapore. Our capacity of organising fund-raising projects is also severely limited by our small staff strength. We therefore need the support of more people in the community.
We count on the support and encouragement we receive from donors like you to continue with our work of helping the elderly and the disadvantaged. You can donate directly to Nam Hong Welfare Service Society by cheque or cash, or partake in any of our fund-raising events.  You can also specify the particular cause you wish to donate towards, such as Free Medical Service, Free Funeral Service for the destitute or Bursary for disadvantaged students etc.  You can also donate items for the poor elderly such as rice, cooking oil, oatmeal, canned food etc.
You will be honored in our Roll of Honour if your contribution is of $1,000/- or above, and receive a certificate of gratitude from our Guest-of-Honour at our annual event :
Donation of $100,000 & aboveLife-Honorary President
Donation of $50,000 & aboveHonorary President
Donation of $20,000 & aboveHonorary Chairman
Donation of $5,000 & aboveAnnual Distinguished Sponsor
Donation of $2,000 & aboveAnnual Honorary Sponsor
Donation of $1,000 & aboveAnnual Sponsor
Contributions to Nam Hong Welfare Service Society may be made through:
1. By Cheque : You may send a cheque, stating your name, NRIC & address at the back (so that tax exemption could be processed), to Blk 111 Yishun Ring Road #01-375 S760111. Cheque to be made payable to ‘Nam Hong Welfare Service Society’.

2. By Cash : Cash could be donated at our Medical Centre at Blk 111 Yishun Ring Road #01-375 S760111. Please request for normal receipt or tax exemption receipt.

3. By online donationYou may also donate through  Tax exemption is available. 

Thank you for your kind support towards Nam Hong Welfare Service Society. We sincerely thank you on behalf of the disadvantaged elderly, the poor and the sick we serve.
For more information, please contact our General Manager, Mr. Lok @ 62579192 or email us at

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