Chairman’s Message


Our patients lie in the heart of our philosophy. This year we continue to deliver on our mission in providing free and effective TCM healthcare, serving 38,000 patients from our community and beyond. We expanded our footprint with a new medical centre specialising in treating patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and after-stroke ailments and shall continue to offer quality TCM treatments to complement our patients’ recovery from public healthcare institutions.

While healthcare is predominantly what we do, we have shifted our thinking towards holistic wellness; physical, mentally and socially. Other than providing healthcare treatment, we are also concerned with the social wellbeing of our beneficiaries and how it affects their health. As such, Nam Hong Welfare Caring Heart Program was launched in 2014 to provide elderly, who are struck by challenges in life, with psychosocial support. Most of these needy elderly are either staying alone and have no family support or struggling to make ends meet. We have 751 elderly in our Nam Hong Welfare Care program; of which 92 needy elderly have signed up our free afterlife services. This arrangement assists them to pass on with dignity, preferably in their own homes with peace of mind. In anticipation of growing demands from an elderly population, we shall develop more programs to assist the elderly age in place and take care of their wellbeing responsibly.

We continue to strengthen our system by building standard processes and digitalising our services, medication and patient records; to encourage collaborations between physicians, nutritionists and case officers. Queuing system was introduced to reduce needles waiting times and errors. We have also completed a full review of our financial management system by our external auditor. Moving forward, we are committed to implementing IT in all our work processes, and target to fully digitised our HR system, donation system, volunteer system and appointment booking system by end of year 2020.

18 years have passed, and Nam Hong Welfare has made significant progress in contributing to the welfare of our community. However, much remains to be done. It is my honour to serve alongside a team of like-minded and passionate board members who work tirelessly in fund raising and management of the charity. Our dedicated staff continues to be the main pillar of our charity, working hard for our beneficiaries. I would like to thank them for their hard work, dedication and commitment.

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