Fund Raising

Reaching out

Fund Raising

Co-worked with Nam Hong Siang Theon, our staff and volunteers step out from Yishun to Orchard Road, took part in Vesak day celebration hosted by Singapore Buddhist Federation on 28-Apr-2019. 

17th Annual Charity Dinner [9 Dec 2018]

Fund Raising

Nam Hong Welfare Service Society’s (NHWSS) annual Charity Dinner was held on 9 Dec 2018 at the Orchid Country Club Grand Ballroom, Yishun Ave 1.

We would like to take this opportunity to also say “Thank You” to all who graced us with your presence.


20181209 南凤善堂-1

(Thank you for the flowers!)


To our distinguished guests,

Thank you!

We appreciate and are very grateful for your generous donations and the amount raised from the auction held during the dinner.

To our Celebrity hosts, Mr Marcus Chin and Miss Liu Ling Ling

Thank you!

We appreciate your effort for taking time out of your busy schedules to host the event and making the night a memorable one. We are grateful for your help.

(NHWSS volunteers and staff )

To the Behind the Scene teams ( including those not from NHWSS):

Thank you!

We appreciate your help in ensuring the event went well without a glitch.


(Some of the items for auction)

(Introducing the items)

Let us take a peek into some “Behind the Scenes” actions:


(The Behind the Scenes team having a final rehearsal)

Here we go… :

(Registration and Donation)


(Looking at the auction items)


We were deeply honoured to have Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah [MP for Nee Soon GRC] as our Guest of Honor, Dr Teo Ho Pin [MP for Bukit Panjang SMC, Mayor of North West Community Development Council (CDC)] as our VIP Guest.


(Arrival of Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah) 


(Arrival of Dr Teo Ho Pin)

(Pre-event interactions)

We were also deeply honoured to have our legal advisors, Miss Ellen Lee and Miss Jennifer Lin to grace us with their presence.

(From left: NHWSS Vice Chairman, Mr Lim Soi Tee, Miss Ellen Lee, Miss Jennifer Lin)


(Say “Cheese!”)

(Experiencing TCM treatments by our physicians)

Onto the main event:


(Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah entering the Grand Ballroom and greeting the guests)

(Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah and Dr. Teo Ho Pin taking their seats)

(Our legal adviser, Miss Jennifer Lin greeting our hosts, Mr Marcus Chin and Miss Liu Ling Ling)

(Speech by NHWSS Vice Chairman, Mr Lim Soi Tee)



(Speech by Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah)

(Some of  the Certificates of Appreciation, Awards, Certificates of Appointments that will be awarded)


(Certificate of Appointment)

(Annual Distinguished Sponsors 2018)

(Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah presenting the Award of Appreciation)

(NHWSS Vice-chairman Mr Lim Soi Tee presenting the Award of Appreciation to Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah)

(Dr. Teo Ho Pin presenting the Award of Appreciation)

(Dr. Teo Ho Pin presenting the Flag Day Awards)

(NHWSS Vice Chairman Mr Mr Lim Soi Tee presenting the Award of Appreciation to Dr. Teo Ho Pin)

(Our beneficiaries)

Our host sang their hearts out before the auction started. Let’s give them a big round of applause!

(Mr Marcus Chin)

(Miss Liu Ling Ling)

Auctioning in Action:

Our legal advisor, Miss Ellen Lee and NHWSS Vice Chairman,Mr Mr Lim Soi Tee  presenting the auctioned items to their new owners:


20181209 南凤善堂-330

(To show our appreciation, Award of Appreciation  is awarded to Miss Ellen Lee)

(Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah and Dr. Teo Ho Pin taking their leave)

(Our legal advisors, Miss Ellen Lee and Miss Jennifer Lin taking their leave)

More group pictures:


Once again, Thank You to all for being part of our Annual Charity Dinner 2018. We hope to see you in 2019!



Part 2: Biennial Charity Golf [18 Oct 2018]

Fund Raising

After the exciting game of golf, the golfers proceeded to enjoy the dinner at the ensuing Charity Dinner.

Aside from fund-raising, the dinner is also an occasion to thank the Society’s supporters and donors, informing them of the progress & development, as well as chatting about future plans.

Here is a brief introduction to share with those who do not know/ have not heard about us (NHWSS):

Nam Hong Welfare Service Society started providing free TCM medical services to low-income persons and elderly since 2001 (used to be in Woodlands and Yishun, currently only one clinic in Block 111, Yishun Ring Road, Singapore), running a well-equipped TCM Clinic staffed by professional physicians.

At the end of 2019, there will be an expansion of the clinic that will include Tui Na Massage, special care and treatment for illness such as diabetes, stroke that needs long term and continuous looking after.

For more information on NHWSS, you can read and find out more about us

The entire biennial charity golf event held on the 18 Oct 2018, raked in a nett gain of $285, 000, which much owed to our various  generous sponsors. Thank You!

To view more action from the golf tournament: Part 1: Biennial Charity Golf [18 Oct 2018]

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all sponsors, band, Behind-the-scenes teams for being a part of and making this Biennial Charity Golf 2018 a success. Thank You!

During the dinner, besides the trophies of appreciation for our sponsors, special prizes were awarded to the golfers. The results from the golf tournament were also revealed and  trophies were awarded. Do scroll down the page to view more pictures from the dinner.


Awards of Appreciation, Special Prizes, Trophies:


Entertainment provided:


Here are some group pictures taken during the dinner:

Sponsors plaque presentation by Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah:



At the same time, the sponsors were given a chance to choose from a handful of red packets. In every red packet, different gifts were prepared. The Lucky draw gifts were also given to the sponsors by Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah:

(Golf Event Main Sponsor: Nam Hong Siang Theon, Mr Lim Soi Tee)


(Diamond Sponsor: Singapore Island Country Club)


(Titanium Sponsor: Mr Paul Tan Kah Tong)


(Platinum Sponsor: Oscarma Global Automobile Pte Ltd)


(Platinum Sponsor: Mr Victor Sim)


(Gold Sponsor: Chee Yam Contractor Pte Ltd)


(Gold Sponsor: Mr Jimmy Ho)


(Silver Sponsor: Air Vision Airconditioning Pte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: Hock Lai Seng Transport Services Pte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: Kenwell Management Service)


(Silver Sponsor: Kenwell Offshore Pte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: Lake View Credit Pte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: Mr Kevin Tan Kian Chye)


(Silver Sponsor: Mr Marcus Lam Hock Choon)


(Silver Sponsor: Mr Tan Tin Nam)


(Silver Sponsor: NTUC Fairprice Foundation)


(Silver Sponsor: Ping Engineering(S) Pte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: SB Property Services Pte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: TG Engineering Pte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: Winston Engineering Corporation Lte Ltd)


(Silver Sponsor: Mr Chen Mao Sheng)


(Silver Sponsor: Mr Alan Lee)


(Silver Sponsor: Mr Jason Lin)


A token of Appreciation is given to Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah by NHWSS Honorary Treasurer?, Mr Heng Poh Chuah Peter


NHWSS Honorary Treasurer, Mr Heng Poh Chuah Peter presenting the special prizes :

Special Prizes:


(Beat-the-Pro Challenge Winner)

(Nearest-to-Pin Hole Winner, with the shortest distance of __ FT)

(Nearest-to-Pin Hole Winner, with the shortest distance of __ FT))

(Nearest-to-Pin Hole ___ ___, with the shortest distance of __ FT)


(Nearest-to-Pin Hole Winner, with the shortest distance of ___FT)

(Nearest-to-Pin Hole 18 Winner, with the shortest distance of 15 FT)

(Longest Drive Hole 14 Winner)

Congratulations to all our Special Prize Winners!

NHWSS Honorary Treasurer, Mr Heng Poh Chuah Peter revealing the results and presenting the awards from the golf tournament:


(10th position)

(9th position)

(8th position)

(7th position)

(5th position)

(3rd Runner Up)


(2nd Runner Up)


(Mr Goh)

(Challenge Trophy)

Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah leaving the venue:

Once again, Thank You to all for being part of NHWSS Biennial Charity Golf 2018. We hope to see you again in 2020. See you soon!

Part 1: Biennial Charity Golf [18 Oct 2018]

Fund Raising

Our Biennial golf event proudly organized by NHWSS. This year, the charity golf was held on 18 Oct 2018, Sembawang Country Club and we are blessed with good weather.

Owing to the generous support from our donors, sponsors, participants, and staffs from Sembawang Country Club, the event was a success!

Special thanks to our Guest of Honor, Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah for attending our event and lending us her unwavering support throughout.

On behalf of our beneficiaries and their families, we thank you all once again from the bottom of our heart!

See you again in 2020!



The Charity Golf witnessed a full participation of 144 golfers who all gave their best swing for charity in a keenly competitive game.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Kevin Tan for overseeing and help in organizing this Charity Golf 2018.

(Mr Kevin Tan)

The Golf shirts that will be given to the participants:


 (Registration part 1:)



Arrival of Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah:

 (Registration part 2:)

Say Cheese!:

Our golfers having some refreshments before the game:

Let’s … GO!:







Here’s some photos taken during the game:

The professionals at work, with style:


Say “Hi!” to the professional golfers:



Do check out Part 2: Biennial Charity Golf [18 Oct 2018] to see who won the special prizes and the Champion for the Golf tournament. Congratulations in advance to all winners!



Our 1st Charity Fair @ Northpoint City [31 August 2018 to 2 Sept 2018]

Fund Raising


Nam Hong Welfare Service Society (NHWSS) held our first charity fair from 31 August 2018 (Friday) till 2 September 2018 (Sunday).
It was held from 11 am to 9 pm daily, Northpoint City, South Atrium (Yishun, Singapore).


(Our Co-organiser: Blue Cross)

We were deeply honoured to have Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim (Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Social and Family Development and Ministry of Education) as our Guest-of-Honour.

We were also honoured to have Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah as our Special  Guest.

We would like to thank the public for taking the time to come down and support us.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Blue Cross, Sponsors, Girls Brigade from Orchid Park Secondary, K-pop dancers from Shine children and South Services, Volunteers (schools & 80 individuals) and Behind the Scene teams for making our first Charity fair an exciting and memorable one.

We appreciate it very much. Thank you !!!

Guess What?

We entered the Singapore Book of Records for the “Largest Donation of Rice to Charities Collected from the Public”.

Screenshot (1)_

We would like to thank all for donating 3 tonnes of rice for this fair. The packets of rice were then distributed to our beneficiaries during our Annual Care Heart Feast that was held on the 25 November 2018.

Prior to 31 August 2018:

Our student volunteers helping with the Goodie Bags. Thank you!

(Orchid Park Secondary School )

(Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School )

(Geylang Methodist Secondary School )

(Fuchun Secondary School)

Do continue scrolling to view more from 31 August 2018 to 2 September 2018:

Setting up of the stalls that will be there throughout the fair:

The first picture shows bags of bee hoon that were donated by People Bee Hoon Factory Pte Ltd. Some were brought on site to the fair.

These are the companies (in alphabetical order) that participated:

Sponsoring/Participating Companies
( in alphabetical order)
All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd Selling different range of frozen food
Black Green Origin Pte Ltd Selling different range of sauce
Blue Sky Delight
BoBo Fishball
BRAND’S Suntory Asia Health care products
CHUEN CHEONG FOOD INDUSTRIES (PTE) LTD Selling dark soya sauce. Half donation and half sell
Cloud Aquaponics Pte Ltd Selling different range of plants
Food Lab Operations Limited Liability Partnership Selling Kumquat Marmalade and Strawberry Fruit Spread
Goldland International Pte Ltd Sellng different range of electric goods (Iona)
GoodMorning Global Pte Ltd
Hi-Beau international Pte ltd
iPartner (Cheryl Chiu & Friends) Selling different range of kids stuff
Jiakbaba Pte Ltd Selling different range of instant noodles
Jia Jia Wang Trading Pte Ltd Selling different range of drinks and frozen food
Mount Fuji Enterprise Selling different range of Japanese Cookies
New Peng Hiang Pte Ltd Selling different range of Bak Kua
Okada Sweets Pte Ltd Selling different range of Japanese Sweet
Robust and Life Compact Pte Ltd
See Lian Confectionery
Singapore Sinhala Buddhist Association
Soon Huat Marine Product Trading Selling different range of fish maw
Tai Yi Tang Ointment – Singapore brand
VITAKIDS PTE LTD Selling different range of vitamins
Yes Natural F&B Pte Ltd Potato Chips, Biscuit, Seaweed
Yes Natural Trading Pte Ltd Bakery

The proceeds earned during the fair (ranging from 30% to 100%) were donated to NHWSS to help us with the costs incurred in providing quality and free TCM treatments for our socio-economically challenged families & individuals regardless of language, race & religion.

Here’s the schedules for all three days of the fair:



Let’s take a look at some pictures and videos taken during the fair:

(Some of our Booths with their products they are selling)
Our TCM physicians providing free TCM consultations for the public:

The public enjoying the k-pop performances by teenagers from Shine Children and Youth, Yishun:

(Multi Racial, Across all ages)

The public were also able to do food pledges of $20 and $40 for dry rations that will be contributed to our elderly and needy families of all races, language and religion.

Parents and children were also able to purchase and make their own slime with different colours.

(Girls Brigade from Orchid Park Secondary School, Slime Ball)

Girls Brigade from Orchid Park Secondary who helped oversee the whole fair and lending a helping hand whenever needed.

Once again, “Thank You!” to all who were part of NHWSS’s first Charity Fair. We appreciate it very much. We hope to see you again!

(If you have feedback on how we can improve our Charity Fair, we hope to hear from you. Do drop us an email or contact us on Facebook. Do forgive us if we are not able to reply on time. We do appreciate the time you took to give us your feedback.)

2018 Flag Day

Fund Raising

Great thanks to 8 schools, pupil, staff, committees members, volunteers and all donors great support to our 2018 24th March Flag Days