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Caring Hearts – The Act of Giving [31 January 2019]

31 January 2019 was a special day for Nam Hong Welfare Service Society. With Chinese New Year(CNY) around the corner (Tuesday, 5 Feb 2018),  our Caring Heart team took this opportunity to visit(31 January 2019) and share the festive cheers with our Chinese beneficiaries. This is a yearly CNY gift ration distribution where the rations were gifted to the selected applicants out of the group of elderly applicants from the  “AfterLife Memorial Service” initiated by Nam Hong Welfare Service Society few years back. during this event, Red Ang Baos* were also given to the beneficiaries.

*The red Ang Baos that were being distributed are given by specific donors. Thank You!!!

The activity started in the morning and was divided into 4 groups (3 in Yishun, 1 outside Yishun) which comprised of NHWSS management and administrative staff, our NHWSS Free Medical Clinic Chinese physician, Committee members and was glad to be joined by our Chairman, Mr Stanley Lim in directing the distribution. The 77 houses we visited covered for  the distribution was from Jurong, Singapore to Bedok, Singapore.



Throughout the entire activity, recipients for the CNY gift were delighted and happy when they saw our arrival at their doorstep for the distribution. Our team also took this unique opportunity to continue building on our friendship with the beneficiaries. This activity was not just an act of giving, but also a great and enjoyable experience we had in communicating and understanding the living situation of the applicants.

These home visits also help our Caring Heart team to have a better understanding and be able to come up with better formulated focus aids, making them more effective and meaningful.

We observed there were unorganised personal items, broken kitchen cabinets, broken floor mats etc. These observations were noted down and we will visit on another day to help them.


(“Happy CNY!”.  Our Nam Hong Caring Heart team conducting periodic home visits of our beneficiaries)


In conjunction with the CNY gift ration distribution activity that was held on 31 January 2019, another group of selected elderly applicants from the “AfterLife Memorial Service” were being invited by the Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (AISS) to join in their CNY Eve school celebration on 4 February 2019.


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