Reports & Financial Statements

Nam Hong Welfare Service Society is a community-based charity registered with MOH, providing Free TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment for the elderly, disadvantaged and the general public, since May 2001.  Our services now include free funeral service for the destitute, ration & subsistence for the elderly poor, home visits, and bursary for disadvantaged students.
The Society was formally established in 2007, whilst being registered as charity in 2009. Our Charity/IPC Registration No. is TO07SS0086D.
We are very grateful towards the generous support of our donors and well-wishers. As a responsible charity, we are obliged to uphold transparency of our financial status and the propriety of our operation.  We therefore enclose the following documents for your perusal:

Audited_Financial_Statement 2018
Nam Hong Annual Report 2018
Audited Financial Statement  2017 
Nam Hong Annual Report 2017

Audited Financial Statement 2016
Nam Hong Annual Report 2016
Audited Financial Statement 2015
Nam Hong Annual Report 2015
Audited Financial Statement 2014
Nam Hong Annual Report 2014
Nam Hong Annual Report 2013
Audited Financial Statement 2013
Audited Financial Statement 2009
Nam Hong Annual Report 2009
Audited Financial Statement 2007
Audited Financial Statement 2006

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