Immediate Past Chairman’s Message


Nam Hong Siang Theon was founded during the 1960s within one of the attap houses in the Chong Pang Village located in Sembawang (now known as Jalan Hikayat). Nam Hong Temple was then honoring ‘San Cai Tong Zi’. The late Medium of the Temple, Mr. Lim Bee Sing, founded a charity foundation and due to resources constraint, the setup was just a small office beside the temple. In 1961, with the kind support of charcoal wholesalers like the late Mr. Seow Zhi Li, the late Mr. Pang Zhe Yao and the late Mr. Liu You Fong and the community, the temple was officially registered as ‘Nam Hong Siang Theon’.
When the area where the temple was situated was earmarked for development works by the government, Nam Hong Siang Theon was then relocated to its current address at 475, Yishun Ring Road.
Siang Theon translated from the Chinese word ‘Shan Tang’ means mercy, kindness, helpfulness etc. Its philosophy is to promote education and community services. Since 1987, in order to encourage the poor but hardworking students, Nam Hong Siang Theon had been giving out scholarships and bursaries to well deserved students.
Over time, the cost of living in Singapore has risen significantly. Many of the poor and elderly are finding it hard to cope especially when they fall sick. Bearing the teachings of Reverend Song Dafeng in mind, the committed and selfless Committee Members of Nam Hong Siang Theon decided to set up a modern and well-equipped Nam Hong Siang Theon Free Medical Clinic. The Free Medical Centre was officially launched on 16th May 2001, and up till today, it continues to provide free medical care to the needy, regardless of race, language or religion. Till end 2007, we have a total of 23,972 registered patients.
Recently, due to imposing more stringent control on all charities in Singapore, the Commissioner of Charities requires all charities to be made more accountable and transparent in its usage of donations from the public.
In view of the changes, Nam Hong Siang Theon conducted an historic General Meeting on 25th December 2006 to setup Nam Hong Welfare Service Society of which the bursary, free medical centre and future charitable services will be part of. The Society will adhere strictly to the Society’s rules and regulations, to conduct its business with integrity and transparency so as to serve the community well.
Lim See Sing
Chairman, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society

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