Advisor’s Message

Senior Counsel K. Shaanmugan

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Nam Hong Welfare Service Society on the launch of your website.
The Nam Hong Siang Theon Free Medical Centre, which is a part of the Society, provides free medical services to residents from all walks of life regardless of race or religion.  It was only 3 years ago that the Medical Centre commemorated its 5th year of operation, having registered 17,000 patients. 3 years later, as of 1st June 2008, it had since served a total of 26,000 registered patients.  The Centre has also attended to 34,000 patients, both new and repeated, on average each year.  This is indeed a very impressive and significant contribution to our community.
As Singapore strives towards greater economic growth and higher standards of living, there are those amongst us who require a little more help than others.  Coupled with an aging population, our community’s needs would be even greater, going forward.  It is with the invaluable services provided by organizations like the Nam Hong Welfare Service Society that we are able to serve the needy and bridge certain gaps in our society between the haves and the have-nots.
We thank the Management Committee, Staff, Volunteers and generous Donors for their continued commitment and dedication towards this very important and noble cause.  I am confident that the Society will continue to provide meaningful and quality social services to our community.
I wish Nam Hong Welfare Service Society every success in all its future endeavours.
Mr. K Shanmugam,
Minister for Law, Minister for Foreign Affairs, MP for Nee Soon GRC

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