2020 Charity Fair – Dumpling making and Movie Screening on June 2020.

We are please to inform and appeal to all our kind donors to support this fundraising event.

We could accept cash, cheque or online donation or donation in kind for us to launch a dumpling making and movie screening at the basketball court next to our centre.

Fund raising timeframe : 01-01-2020, till 15-May-2020.

Event plan:

#1: Invite our elderly beneficiaries, committees, volunteers, to Nam Hong Temple to help out the dumpling making in the morning.
#2: Setup stores next to the basketball court to sell the dumplings.
#3: We will setup tentage and stage at the basketball court and allocate 784 seating and we will do movie screening.
#4: We will invite our 784 beneficiaries to come enjoy the movie and dumpling.
#5: Ration will be handing out to all 784 beneficiaries.

Due to covid-19 pandemic, our initial planning to invite as many elderly to come for dumpling making and enjoy the movie became not feasible.

With that, we scaled it down to by batches, invited 120 of the 784 by mailing them ‘appointment letter’ breakdown to an hourly collection.

To ensure safe social distancing, we have recruited 30 volunteers as our onsite safe-distancing ambassador.