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Charity TCM

Nam Hong Welfare Service Society started as a TCM clinic in 2001, providing TCM services to the elderly & disadvantaged in Yishun. Our MOH-registered clinic is staffed by experienced physicians registered with TCM Practitioners Board. Over the years, patients from all over Singapore came to receive our treatment. 40,000 patient visits annually for the past 3-4 years indicates that our services are well-received and needed by the rapidly ageing population.


With the support of Mr K. Shanmugam, we managed to secure an adjacent space to build an additional centre to target TCM healthy living & chronic disease treatment.

Many of our elderly are already plagued by long-term ailments (e.g. diabetes, hypertension) and suffering great discomfort from arthritis and after-stroke effects. Our new centre will be specializing in treating these patients. We will be utilizing certified equipment such as Special Electromagnetic Apparatus and Electric Pulse Acupuncture Therapeutic Apparatus to further aid our physicians in administering treatment. The centre is also designed to cater for long-term treatment duration which these patients require to alleviate their conditions.