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Caring Heart

Part 1: Annual Feast for 600 Elderly & Awarding of Bursaries [25 Nov 2018]

Nam Hong Annual Care Heart Dinner Venue

(Our Nam Hong Care Heart Team Setting Up the Venue)




IMG_1597 2







(Our Nam Hong Care Team & Volunteers packing the rice for the beneficiaries) 

(Our Volunteers welcoming Mr K. Shanmugam)

We were deeply honoured to have Home Affairs & Law Minister Mr K. Shanmugam as our Guest of Honour.

This is an annual dinner where 600 beneficiaries and elderly were selected from our list of beneficiaries. They are treated to a feast and to a night of entertainment.

The entire cost of the dinner and the red packets that will be distributed was paid for by specific donors. Thank You!!

(Our beneficiaries registering at the counters)

What’s different:

To not let our invited guests wait too long in the queue, we also have our volunteers walk around to help with the registrations using their mobile phones.

(Our volunteers walking around helping with the registrations) 

 (Our beneficiaries being escorted to their seats after registration)

(Having Fun! Q & A with our host)

(Singing with their Hearts! *Applause !!*)


(Say Cheese!!!)



(Interacting with one another)


(Our guests welcoming Mr Shanmugam)

(Lion Dance Performance)

Towards the end of the dinner, Ang Baos were given out to our guests. The red Ang Baos were that were distributed to the beneficiaries were given by specific donors.

(Ang Baos given out)



We would like to thank Mr K. Shanmugam for visiting every table greeting our invited guests despite feeling under the weather.

Dry rations were also distributed to our beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries also received the rice that were donated during our Charity fair. These rations were also given by our donors.

Our 1st Charity Fair @ Northpoint City [31 August 2018 to 2 Sept 2018]



(Dry Rations distributed)

(Say “Cheese!”.  Nam Hong Staff and Volunteers)

We would like to say “Thank You” to the generous sponsors for making this event possible.


Last but not least, “Thank you” to our Volunteers and Behind the Scene teams. We appreciate your time and help.



Part 2:

Annual Feast for 600 Elderly & Awarding of Bursaries Part 2 [25 Nov 2018]

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