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  • Hi,
    I visited your clinic at Block 111 Yishun today, 4 August. I had a very bad experience that I feel I should write in. There are good feed backs from other patients, but to I feel there’s a need to write and I hope you can look into my feed back positively.
    Patients who walked into any clinics are bugged with aches and pain, no one in the right mind will like to wait 2 hours for consultation. Do you agree?
    I waited and the screen beeped my number so I walked into Room 3…. I saw one patient holding a number smaller than mine said she was waiting for her turn. She opened the door and there were already 3 patients inside. There wasn’t anymore chairs, and the ‘医师‘ commented loudly why I come in when I am not called. The board outside flashed my number as I told her, anyway, I walked outside to wait for a little while. I approached the counter staff and said the Room 3 has many patients maybe put me to another room as I felt the ‘医师‘ was rude. She checked and said my turn was next. So I went in and I as I didn’t see any available chairs I stood waiting but was told by the ‘医师‘ rudely to just find a stool and don’t just stand there! I got a stool behind the curtains and sat and waited as she was consulting the patient. I looked at the 2 other patients with many needles and one uncle commented that I looked afraid. Then ‘医师‘ commented ‘怕就不要看’. I had a mind to walk out actually but I thought otherwise as I have already wasted so long queuing. She asked me some questions and she stood up and I also stood up thinking she was going to treat me. She spoke rudely, why I stand up when it’s not my turn. Am I supposed to know? Finally, she gave me some hand towel and asked me to go to the bed, I asked her what’s the hand towel was for, she refused to reply me. I was so uncomfortable and irritated.
    2 more patients came in while I was waiting behind the curtains. I thought my neck pain called for acupuncture but she said she will ‘cup’ for me. Ask me to undress, and wait…. In the midst of her conversation with the 2 other patients, she said too late for acupuncture for her elderly mother it was about 12pm. I was appalled that she anyhow giving me treatment after a long wait. I need to work so I told her my neck part does not need to ‘cup’ as there will be marks and unsightly as I work in public. She replied ‘爱美就忍痛‘。 Good grief… if it’s acupuncture, then, there won’t be marks of a cup right?
    I was given 5 mins of ‘cupped’ and she removed them.
    There was totally no improvement to relieve my pain and I am very disappointed. It’s not the $2 I paid, it was the humility I endured and the terrible attitude of a doctor who is supposed to bring comfort and confidence in a patient. MY time was wasted and I could see even if she is the best of ‘医师‘ there, it does not garner her bad attitude. One lady patient was looking at me distressed also as she could see the terrible attitude of the ‘医师‘.

    If there’s no patience and love in treating patients, in humanity she is not fit to be a doctor. All those who walk into your clinic is old and frail. Maybe, they are used to her harsh, pompous and rude way of speech, but definitely not for newbies like me.

    I would like a reply from you as I hope other patients will not need to endure such humiliation. Or should I write my experience in the public blog? Just to have a feel what other will think of my ordeal?

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