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Caring Heart – Home Visits for Afterlife Memorial Service Applicants [February 2019, March 2019]

Afterlife Memorial Service is a service provided by Nam Hong Welfare Service Society since 2014. It is a branch from our Caring Heart programme where we provide free Afterlife(Funeral Service) services to the applicants for the Afterlife service. This free Funeral Service are for those who have no relatives, or are poor and destitute, so that they can continue living with the peace of mind and ease of heart.

In February and March 2019, our Caring Heart Staffs visited the some of the homes of the Afterlife applicants to know the applicants better, understand their living situation and health status. We also see if there are ways to help them and to understand if they still want to apply for the Afterlife services.

(NHWSS Care Heart staff: Miss Yanyi)

(From left: Chew Sin Juat, Daud bin Besir , Kasimin bin Busra, NHWSS Care Heart Staff: Mr Lok)



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