As part of our ongoing efforts to provide good service and practices, we will conduct a monthly survey with the patients. Here are some extracts from some of the patients interviewed:-

Mr Wong Yue Kheong
(age 59, card no. 29422)

I have been coming to Nam Hong’s clinic since a long time ago. Previously I consulted Physician Ng Yen Yen, and nowadays I have been seeing Physician Tan Wah Kwee and Physician Leong Chin Mee.  Whenever I have any ailment, like stiff shoulder, finger joint pain, bloated stomach, abdominal pain etc, I would come here for treatment.


I feel that the physicians here are very patient and kind, and are very skilful.  They are also able to offer treatments according to the patients’ conditions and requirements. Recently my wife suffered from bone spurs, and had numbness in the face. I brought her to Nam Hong, and after being given acupuncture and medication by Physician Leong, she became much better.

Mdm Teng Siew Lan
(age 62, card no. 18335)


I used to suffer from spinal cord disorders, and Western doctors suggested surgery. I did not agree as there were risk involved. I consulted some Chinese physicians, but did not get better. Later someone recommended me to seek treatment at Nam Hong’s clinic. After receiving acupuncture & medication by Physician Tan Wha Kwee, I felt much better. Previously I had back ache everyday, could not bend my back & also could not sit for long. Nowadays I can bend my back and can also remain seated for a long time. I can now happily engage in housework. Later on I developed pain & paralysis in my legs, and had to walk with crutches. After treatment at Nam Hong, I can now walk without crutches for a long distance.

Ms Pauline Lau
(age 53, card no. 15534)

You could say I am a ‘regular customer’ of Nam Hong. I’ve been seeking treatment here since 10 over years ago.
I was having all the ‘three highs’ [high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol], with cardiovascular obstruction, and also arthritis and asthma. As I have faith in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I’ve always been seeing Chinese physicians, including some clinics run by charities. However, I feel that Nam Hong’s TCM clinic is still the best! Some people mistakenly think that for a charity clinic that charges only $2, the treatment must be ineffective. But they would be seriously wrong when they come to Nam Hong!


For many years, because of the treatment and care provided by Nam Hong, my health conditions, including the “three highs”, diabetes, arthritis as well as neck & back aches, have become so much better! Recently I have been seeing Physician Tan Gek Kee, and found her to be very caring, and she painstakingly offered me acupuncture & medication, to help improve my conditions.

Mr Tiah Wee Meng
(age 51, card no. 44535)


Since last year, I noticed that I had inflammation of the prostate. I consulted Western doctors, but they always gave me antibiotics, and the condition did not go away. After coming to Nam Hong & seen Physician Tan Gek Kee, I was cured within a few months. Now I often come to Nam Hong for maintenance treatment to keep in good health.

Mr Tan Siew Bock
(age 73, card no. 28318)


I used to have heart problem, and my heart beat was irregular. I’ve seen Western doctors, but there was not much improvement. Later, I came to Nam Hong and consulted Physician Leong Chin Mee. After a few sessions of treatment and conditioning, my heart beat problem has now disappeared! Physician Leong was very caring and gave me a detailed examination. She said it was important to attain the correct diagnosis in order to give the right treatment. She is really very skilful! Previously I had leg and knee problem, and also backache. I needed to rest after walking a short distance. But now after receiving treatment & care at Nam Hong, my legs are much stronger, and I could walk longer distances without having to rest frequently. I am very grateful towards Nam Hong!

Mr Tan Hock San
(age 73, card no. 16401)


I twisted my waist while playing badminton & couldn’t move at all. I was carried to the hospital, and was told the only way is physiotherapy, but have to wait 4 months. I went to Nam Hong, and after 3 sessions of acupuncture, I could walk with a stick. 2 more sessions, I could walk on my own!! Recently, I had nerve pain around my thigh. I got well with just 1 session of acupuncture by Dr Tan Wha Kwee. My wife recently suffered from giddiness, and I brought her to Nam Hong. After 2 sessions of acupuncture, she recovered completely!

Mr Ong Kah Kiong
(age 59, card no. 41455)


I had a car accident which resulted in partial paralysis of the body. My mobility was severely affected, and I could not write with my right hand. After coming to Nam Hong and be treated by Physician Lim Peng Hua, who administered acupuncture on me, I have resumed the writing function of my right hand, and the range of movement of my legs became much better. I now can walk slowly without crutches. I had previously consulted at other charitable clinics, but the outcome was not so good. Only after coming to Nam Hong, I feel much better.

Mdm Kow Soon Lan
(age 75, card no. 45631)


My whole body used to have red spots due to dermatitis, and it was very itchy. This has gone on for several years. I had seen Western doctors for a few times, but did not get well. Later, a friend introduced me to Nam Hong, and I started coming here since September 2015. After being treated by Physician Soon Siew Eng, my conditions improved tremendously. The red spots and rashes have disappeared, and my skin is becoming smoother and slowly restoring its glow.

Mr Guan Shi Chen
(age 82, card no. 43988)

I used to suffer from frequent urination and urinary incontinence for about 5-6 years. Since January 2015, I started coming to Nam Hong, and after being treated by Physician Tan Jock Tiew for some time, all these symptoms have greatly improved. I also had tinnitus, but after treatment, it became much better.


I feel that Chinese medicine is actually very effective, and we should promote it to become a mainstream medical treatment system in the world. But when consulting TCM, you must persevere and adhere to the treatment regime. You have to use your own initiative, persistently seek treatment, and know how to take care of yourself to maintain good health. You have to believe in the physician, and corporate fully with him, in order to achieve maximum treatment effect.

When you grow older, it is important to watch your own health, and whenever you feel something is wrong, consult the physician immediately. Try to exercise self-care by learning some TCM way of maintaining good health, in order to achieve the objective of “preventing disease before it even develop”. I support very much Nam Hong’s initiative of advocating for health education for the elderly the TCM way, to avoid contracting chronic diseases. I am more than willing to serve as Nam Hong’s “health education ambassador”, to help spread messages on how to maintain good health.

Mr Chew Chye Huat
(age 85, card no. 37699)


I found myself getting more and more forgetful, and thought I had Alzheimer’s disease. I also suffered from constant constipation. I had received specialist treatment from Western doctors. However, I believe in TCM, and wanted to see how Chinese medicine could help to improve my conditions. I started coming to Nam Hong for treatment since last year, and encountered Physician Ong. He used acupuncture to stimulate some of my pressure points, and said this could help activate the “Qi” which circulates around the meridians. This would in turn revitalize brain cell activity, accelerate blood flow to the brain, and supply adequate nutrition to the brain cells. After being treated for a year and a half, my forgetfulness improved a lot, and my physical health also became much better. I now come every week for acupuncture. I am so grateful for the blessings bestowed by Nam Hong.

Mr Ng Teng San
(age 66, card no. 3399)


I often experience spasm of my facial muscle. I would get involuntary twitching and contraction of my facial muscle, especially the part near the eyes. At times my mouth also became crooked, and I simply could not control it. I’ve seen a few Western and TCM doctors, but did not get well. It’s so lucky that I came to Nam Hong, and encountered Physician Na Wee Kwang. He administered acupuncture and vital point pressure on me, and I feel much better now. My wife had pain at the waist and stiff shoulder, and after I brought her to see Physician Na, she was cured. I am truly thankful towards Nam Hong, as they are doing a great job in helping people in need!

The next part will be feedback from some of our [Caring Heart] beneficiaries:-

Mr Lai Soon Han and Mdm Lai Yoke Oi
(age 71 and 69)


My husband suffered from diabetes and had his legs amputated several years ago. He could not continue working, and also needs intensive caring. I also could not get a job due to my age. Life is therefore very tough for us. Fortunately, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society gave us the peace of mind with its free afterlife service. They enrolled us into their “caring heart program”, and delivered ration to us, introduced us to community activities, and also sent their physician to offer acupuncture as well as care for the sore & infection on my husband’s amputated leg. We are truly impressed with the way Nam Hong selflessly dedicates itself to serving the needs of the disadvantaged. Other than free medical treatment, they also visit the homes of the elderly, help to resolve problems, and provide free afterlife service. We are very grateful, and therefore decided to donate our flat to Nam Hong when we pass away, hoping that this could give them a boost, and enable them to strive forward with their charitable missions.

Mdm Rosalind Tan
(age 82)


I feel that the services Nam Hong offers are very beneficial for the disadvantaged elderly. They work very hard to look after the well-being and comfort of the elderly they serve. Nam Hong’s manager & volunteers are also very dedicated and sincere. I heard that it’s been 15 years since they started their charitable work. That must have been a long and difficult journey! I was thinking, if I had the ability, I would also like to play a part in supporting them in their journey of helping the poor. I have therefore decided to donate my house to Nam Hong when I pass away, hoping that they can make use of it to serve more disadvantaged elderly.

Mdm Ho Kwai Yeng and Ho Ngan Ying
(age 84 and 88)


We are very grateful towards Nam Hong for all the things they have done for us. We two sisters are staying together, and with totally no income, life has been very difficult. It was so fortunate that Nam Hong not only helped us apply for financial assistance from the government, but also visit us every now-and-then to deliver ration and offer comfort. Their manager and volunteers are very nice, offering very dedicated service and are very caring. Once I had some legal problems, and they helped us find a lawyer. We are very touched by their warmth and enthusiasm.

Mdm Faridah Bte Mohamed
(age 68)


I am so glad that our true god Allah brought Nam Hong to my door-step. They are very generous. They visit us every-now-and-then, gave us ration and Ang Bao, to make our lives better. Especially when they came to give us ration and Ang Bao during Hari Raya, I was very touched. My husband used to be a security guard but has passed away. My daughter was divorced and got married again. She has a few children, and could not find a good job. Her husband is also not earning much. I therefore have to help take care of my grandchildren. Life has become rather tough. Luckily Nam Hong came along to help relieve some of our burden. Their spirit of helping the disadvantaged regardless of race and religion, is something we admire very much.

Mdm Sakunthalai D/O Ralasarsami
(age 66)


Since the demise of my husband, I have been living alone. Although I have a daughter, she has her own family, and with a low income, she could hardly fend for herself. I am also not in good health, and worry a lot about my afterlife affairs. Very fortunately I signed up for Nam Hong’s free afterlife service, and I didn’t expect that they visited my house to deliver ration and Ang Bao, and even invited me to a sumptuous feast. I like Nam Hong’s services very much, and admire the dedication and sincerity of its staff.

Mr Soh Hak Cheng and Mdm Seah Swee Kim
(age 82 and 83)


Two of us live in a rental one-room flat. We were still working as sweepers at the town council some years ago, but when my husband’s eye-sight got worst, and his hearing also deteriorated, we could not continue working, and have thus lost our income. Life has become very difficult. Fortunately Nam Hong Welfare Service Society came along. Its manager helped us apply for government financial assistance, and brought us to the hospital to see specialist doctors. My husband was afraid of high medical costs, and for many years did not seek medical attention. His eye-sight and hearing have therefore become very bad. Nam Hong helped us apply for medi-fund from the hospital, and thus the consultations were free, and we didn’t even have to pay for my husband’s hearing aid. Now we are getting $500 per month of government financial assistance, with exemption of rental and miscellaneous fees, thanks to Nam Hong’s help. They even send us rice and ration every-now-and-then. Our life has become better. We are very grateful towards Nam Hong. Their service is truly marvelous!

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